A checklist for Progress Markers

This checklist, written by Kate Dyer for Outcome Mapping Learning Community, was developed from the Accountability in Tanzania programme and relates to the development of individual progress markers and sets of progress markers. The checklist provides a set of six tips for reviewing a set of progress markers and three for each single progress marker. 


"1. Can you see progression between the levels?

This progression should not be by time, as in expect to see = short term, like to see = medium term and love to see = long term.  

Rather the issue is that expect to see is largely in direct response to programme inputs (if you are doing training you would expect people to be better informed/have relevant skills) – some people prefer the term start to see; love to see is truly transformational of the attitudes, values, priorities, behaviour and so on; like to see is what you hope to see as the project gains traction and starts to take off if the programme has been well designed to address the important changes."


Dyer, K. (2014). A checklist for Progress Markers, Outcome Mapping Learning Community. Retrieved from: http://www.outcomemapping.ca/nuggets/a-checklist-for-progress-markers