Evaluation of Gender Mainstreaming In UNDP

This report, from the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), outlines the findings of an evaluation of gender mainstreaming in the UNDP in 2005.

"The main purpose [of the evaluation]  was to take stock of UNDP’s efforts to develop and implement gender mainstreaming policies; and to assess the overall performance of UNDP in gender mainstreaming and the promotion of gender equality in the last ten years.

The evaluation accordingly addressed itself to the whole range of UNDP’s work and assessed gender mainstreaming within the organization from the perspective that this implies. UNDP should:

  1. Ensure that gender analysis is an integral part of all its activities;
  2. Make support for gender equality a key element of policy dialogue with partners;
  3. Develop strategies to ensure its capacity for gender mainstreaming." (UNDP, 2006)


United Nations Development Programme, Evaluation Office. (2006). Evaluation of gender mainstreaming in UNDP. Retrieved from website: http://web.undp.org/evaluation/documents/eo_gendermainstreaming.pdf

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