Bringing together data into an overall conclusion and judgement is important for individual evaluations and also when summarising evidence from multiple evaluations.





1. Synthesise data from a single evaluation

Decide how data will be combined in terms of the agreed evaluative criteria and standards to produce an overall judgement of merit or worth.

2. Synthesise data across evaluations

Decide how to find, extract and combine data from multiple evaluations to produce more general conclusions about 'what works' or 'what works for whom in what circumstances'. (This is not needed for a single evaluation).

3. Extrapolate findings

Explain how findings from this evaluation might be more generally applied or translated to new sites and situations. (This is often useful but not always needed).



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Charlotte Fountaine

I'm interested in how to analyse and synthesise data during the evaluation process. It seems that these links don't work - the "Synthesise data from a single evaluation" would be particularly helpful for our project.

Thanks, Charlotte 

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Alice Macfarlan

Hi Charlotte,

Thanks for letting us know. I've just updated and checked the links - please let me know if you have any further trouble. You can also find the full list of task pages on our Rainbow Framework Overview Page.