Realist evaluation introductory resources

This website, from e-MOPs, provides an introduction to Realist Evaluation and includes links to a range of resources, including academic papers, video introductions, online community resources and case studies.


  • Short introductions:
    • A Brief introduction to Realist Evaluation 
    • Introduction to Realist Evaluation and Realist synthesis - Powerpoint presentation 
    • Realistic Evaluation: an overview 
  • Video introductions
    • Realist evaluation short overview (14 minutes). 
    • Realist evaluation – introduction Part 1 (7 minutes) 
    • Realist evaluation – introduction Part 2 (9 minutes) 
    • Realist evaluation – introduction Part 3 (8 minutes) 
    • Realist evaluation – introduction Part 4 (7.5 minutes)
  • Books/Chapters
    • Realistic Evaluation (London: Sage,1997).
    • Evidence-Based Policy: a realistic perspective, (London: Sage, Ray Pawson, 2006)
    • The Science of Evaluation: a realist manifesto, (London: Sage, Ray Pawson 2013).
    • Realist Evaluation (2004) (Chapter - 36 pages)
  • On-line Community and collections of resources
    • Email Discussion list on Realist evaluation and Realist synthesis, including archived discussions
    • On-line Dossier: KIT Royal Tropical Institute Netherlands Dossier on ‘Realist Enquiry’, includes a short introduction and a range of published resources and examples of applying realist evaluation
    • The realist hive
    • Theory-driven inquiry for health systems research
  • Examples and Case studies
    • How Do You Modernize a Health Service: a Realist Evaluation of Whole-Scale Transformation in London 
    • Policy guidance on threats to legislative interventions in public health: a realist synthesis. (Wong,
    • ‘A Realist Diagnostic Workshop’ 


Vincent, R. (2014). Resources list on 'realist' evaluation. Retrieved from

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