Inclusive-Nationalism Country Assessment and Action (INCAA) tool

The INCAA tool was developed was developed by Sovereignty First as a way to develop a snapshot of a country's 'cultural condition'. It measures 25 components which are necessary to evaluate a country's existing status and make judgments about its future. Each component is measured along an eight-point developmental scale, from least developed through an ideal of inclusive nationalism. 


"The INCAA assessment has three characteristics: 

  • The comprehensive and developmental mapping of a country in an accessible single-page “snapshot”
  • A way to compare the maps of two countries (or parts of countries) that reveals complications that will arise when the two countries (or regions) interact
  • An open-source, Wikipedia-like structure that enables all interested stakeholders access to the shared assessment’s results. 

A strong assessment includes many stakeholder, or subgroup, positions (usually more than twenty). 

An assessment will begin weak (with one subgroup position represented) then become stronger as more points of view are included."


Sovereignty First (2014), Inclusive-Nationalism Country Assessment and Action (INCAA) tool. Retrieved from:!1b-incaa-step-1-assessment/c1vig

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