What is a LogFrame?

American University's resource What is a LogFrame, written by Kirsten Bording Collins, gives a concise overview of LogFrames. It covers LogFrame structures, tips for developing LogFrames, and strengths and weaknesses of LogFrames.


"A Logframe is another name for Logical Framework, a planning tool consisting of a matrix which provides an overview of a project’s goal, activities and anticipated results.  It provides a structure to help specify the components of a project and its activities and for relating them to one another.  It also identifies the measures by which the project’s anticipated results will be monitored. 

The logical framework approach was developed in the late 1960s to assist the US Agency of International Development (USAID) with project planning.  Now most large international donor agencies use some type of logical or results framework to guide project design."


Collins, K. B. (n.d.) 'What is a LogFrame?' on American University [Website]. Retrieved from: http://programs.online.american.edu/cpme/resource/what-is-a-logframe

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