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As one of the EvalPartners, we'd like to share this EvalPartners announcement about the launch of the 2017 round of "Innovation Challenges". EvalPartners is a global partnership to strengthen national evaluation capacities. In November 2015, it launched the first ever long-term global vision for evaluation, developed during EvalYear 2015 through a participatory process with the global evaluation community. The Innovation Challenges are a great way to get involved in the implementation of the EvalAgenda. EvalPartners is particularly interested in encouraging ideas that bring stakeholders together across national boundaries, and in particular collaborative bids which involve both evaluators and users of evaluation outputs. The innovation challenges aim to open up the boundaries of evaluation practice beyond evaluators and commissioners of evaluation.

​Dear colleagues,

EvalPartners is pleased to launch the 2017 round of "Innovation Challenges" thanks to a generous contribution from the Government of Finland. The objective of this round of innovation challenges is to pilot, experiment and implement advocacy ideas for evidence-based approaches that can help bring on board “non-traditional” evaluation actors to harness their contribution to EvalAgenda 2020.

Discussions during the 3rd Global Evaluation Forum which organized by EvalPartners in Bishkek – Kyrgyzstan in April 2017 concluded that “… there is a need to build the demand for evaluation results among a broad range of stakeholders, including parliamentarians, private sector, academe, civil society groups, citizens, and the media. This demand should be institutionalized through corresponding laws and policies on evaluation practice and use. As translation of SDGs to national and local levels remains a challenge, one of the functions of evaluation is to make SDGs meaningful for various stakeholders and in various contexts…” This is exactly what this innovation challenge is trying to address, by opening-up the boundaries of evaluation practice beyond evaluators and commissioners of evaluation.

EvalPartners will privilege out-of-the-box, agile and quick turnaround actions in response to this call. Unlike the Peer to Peer (P2P) mechanism which is exclusively restricted to VOPEs, Innovation Challenges are open to VOPEs, but also non-profits, academia, advocacy coalitions, think-tanks and other Civil Society Organizations, as long as they engage into an organic partnership with one or VOPEs from the Global South. Outcome of the Innovation Challenges are expected to inform the 2018-2020 action plan of EvalPartners.

We look forward receiving your proposals and working together with you on new "challenges".

Ziad Moussa
President, IOCE
Co-Chair, EvalPartners

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To apply:

Interested applicants are required to submit the entry form with a simple project proposal of no more than 1,000 words describing the innovative idea for evidence-based approaches that can help bring on board “non-traditional” evaluation actors to harness their contribution to EvalAgenda 2020. Applications should include information on objectives, key activities, expected outputs and outcomes, and include a detailed budget of up to 10,000 USD. Applications must include the organic involvement of one or more Voluntary Organizations for Professional Evaluation (VOPEs) from ODA-eligible countries. Proposed project activities need to be completed by November 30th 2017. Three winners will be selected and awarded up to 10,000 USD each to implement the idea.

More information, including eligibility and criteria, on the Innovation Challenge and the process of applying can be found in the documents below:

  • Call for Application for the 2017 Innovation Challenge (PDF) (Word)
  • Application Form (PDF) (Word)

All queries related to the Innovation Challenges should be directed to EvalPartners.


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