HIV/AIDS Targeted Interventions: Participatory Monitoring and Evaluation Framework

This set of guidelines from UNICEF was developed to support staff working on HIV and AIDS targeted Internvention (HATI) projects with monitoring and evaluation. 

"In managing the HIV and AIDS Targeted Interventions (HATI) project, a major function of UNICEF is to develop the capacities of NGOs to implement HIV and AIDS programs, including the effective monitoring and evaluation (M&E) of program activities.  To strengthen M&E efforts UNICEF launched a participatory monitoring and evaluation initiative in order to develop the capacities of HATI NGOs to plan and implement participatory M&E and to develop a common monitoring and evaluation framework for HATI.

To achieve these results, the initiative consists of;  1) an NGO M&E capacity assessment; 2) a series of participatory M&E planning workshops held with representatives of all the HATI NGOs to develop a common M&E framework; and 3) written guidelines to assist the NGOs to implement and adapt the participatory M&E framework.

 The guidelines include:

  • Key concepts in participatory monitoring and evaluation
  • Overall goals and expected results of HATI and its different intervention packages
  • A monitoring framework, that includes the major monitoring questions and indicators, data collection options and formats, a plan for compiling and reporting the data, and suggested ways for disseminating and using the results
  • A suggested outline of an evaluation framework
  • Recommendations for further developing the HATI participatory M&E system"   (Coghlan 2008)


  • HATI Participatory Monitoring and Evaluation Initiative
  • HATI Participatory Monitoring and Evaluation Guidelines
  • Definitions of Monitoring and Evaluation
  • Participatory Monitoring and Evaluation
  • Stages in Conducting Participatory Monitoring and Evaluation
  • HATI Participatory Monitoring and Evaluation Frameworks
  • Program Description
  • Purposes of Monitoring and Evaluation in HATI
  • Monitoring Framework
  • Major monitoring questions and indicators
  • Data sources, collection options and format
  • Data compilation and reporting
  • Dissemination and use of results
  • Evaluation Framework
  • Next Steps/Recommendations

Specific Options Mentioned

  • HIV and AIDS Targeted Interventions (HATI) under HNPSP Logical Framework 39
  • HIV and AIDS Targeted Interventions (HATI) Logic Model 40
  • Monitoring the Implementation of Activities 45
  • Monitoring the Achievement of Expected Outputs 51
  • Draft Standards for HATI Services and Activities 55
  • Evaluation Matrix: Evaluation of the Achievement of Expected Outcomes 57


Coghlan, A. UNICEF, (2008). HIV and AIDS targeted interventions (HATI): participatory monitoring and evaluation framework and guidelines. Dhaka, Bangladesh:

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