Tell us your favourite monitoring and/or evaluation resource for 2018!

Alice Macfarlan's picture 6th December 2018 by Alice Macfarlan

The end of the year is nearly upon us and we're putting together a list. Help us spread some end-of-year cheer by sharing your favourite monitoring and/or evaluation resource that you've used this year - particularly if it's available freely online!

It could be a new resource or something that's been around for a while that you've recently come across or rediscovered. It could be a guide, overview or discussion paper... or it could be something completely different, like an inspiring video or podcast episode that made you think differently about something or want to try something new.

What we need to know:

  • Where can we find the resource? (Let us know a URL)

  • What is it? What are its key features?

  • How did you use the resource?

  • Why would you recommend it to others?

You can share this with us by leaving a comment below or by using our contribute content form:

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We'll be sharing the list in our final newsletter of 2018 in two weeks time. 

Thank you in advance!

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Sheila B Robinson's picture
Sheila Robinson

I would like to recommend A Short Primer on Innovative Evaluation Reporting by Kylie Hutchinson (

Ok, technically it was published near the end of 2017, but I read it and needed it in 2018, so I think it counts as a 2018 book. 

So, true story. I was asked to do a presentation at a statewide conference on evaluation reporting and got a copy of this book just in time for it to inform what I taught my audience, and to recommend it to them as a rich, accessible, and truly innovative resource. What I especially love about this book is that it's not just a list of ideas, but rather starts with a solid foundation of WHY we would put these new ideas about evaluation reporting into place. That sets the mindset for using the ideas.

I truly enjoyed this book and go back to it again and again as I'm thinking about how to report evaluation results to different audiences. 

Patricia Rogers's picture
Patricia Rogers

Thanks, Sheila - that's very helpful to understand why you're recommending it  An we're certainly not limiting this to material published in 2018 - it might be a "golden oldie" that you've just discovered or rediscovered, or think that others would benefit from.

Anand's picture
Anand Maraj

I would like to recommend OPM’s approach to assessing Value for Money by Julian King, Oxford Policy Management. January 2018 and Available as pdf. I am required to provide assessments at varying intervals on the performance of Government Policy and whether programs and/or projects provide value. I found this guide to be well defined and informative.

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