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Indigenous People's Conference on Evaluation

The inaugural Indigenous People's Conference on Evaluation will be held in Rotorua, New Zealand. The event is hosted by Mā te Rae Maori Evaluation Association Aotearoa - New Zealand.

New Zealand
7th February, 2019 to 9th February, 2019
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From the Mā te Raewebsite:

Mā te Rae ka rangatira ai …

Connecting, Sharing, Moving forward together

We acknowledge the footsteps of those we are walking in, those who have gone before and paved the way, established relationships and opened doors within the many realms that evaluation exists. In recent years Maori evaluators have come together and mobilised to support Iwi/Maori evaluators and Iwi/Maori evaluation to progress the development of our people. In 2015 Ma te Rae - Maori Evaluation Association was established and we have the privilege of hosting our inaugural international evaluation conference to the world.

Underpinning our Association and reflected in our name, is our whakatauki (proverb) - Ma te rae ka rangatira ai, which guides us to:

Look deep, far and wide

With clarity and a critical consciousness

Grounded in our Māori world

Seeing with our eyes, our mind, body and spirit

And it is this traditional wisdom that provides the overarching kaupapa (platform) for our conference. 
More information about the conference themes and programme can be found on the website.