A Guide to the Vulnerability Reduction Assessment

This guide from the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) provides guidance on using the Vulnerability Reduction Assessment (VRA) approach which is an essential component of their monitoring and evaluation framework for climate change adaption projects.

"It has been implemented in a growing number of local initiatives under UNDP’s Community Based Adaptation (CBA) Programme, with funding from the Global Environment Facility. It is designed to measure the changing climate vulnerabilities of communities, and to be comparable across vastly different projects, regions, and contexts, making it possible to determine if a given project is successful or unsuccessful in reducing climate change risks." (Droesch, Gaseb, Kurukulasuriya, Mershon, Moussa, Rankine & Santos, 2008)


  • Introduction
  • National introduction and adaptation of the VRA methodology
  • Community-level awareness raising
  • The structure of the VRA
  • The H-form
  • Calculating the final VRA score, Measuring Change


Droesch, A. C., Gaseb, N., Kurukulasuriya, P., Mershon, A., Moussa, K. M., Rankine, D., & Santos, A. United Nations Development Programme , Community-Based Adaptation Programme. (2008). A guide to the vulnerability reduction assessment (UNDP Working Paper).

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