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Postponed — Using Big Data and Data Linkage in Evaluation ​Seminar

A monthly seminar, presented by the Australian Evaluation Society and this month hosted by Guyonne Kalb of the Melbourne Institute: Applied Economic & Social Research, University of Melbourne. Guyonne will on focus the advantages that big data and data linkages bring in policy evaluation. 

10th April, 2020
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From the event invitation:

In recent years, the use of “big data” and data linkage has become much more commonplace in research, including policy evaluations, than it used to be a few decades ago. There are several reasons for this, including computational and other technical reasons. However, in this presentation, the focus will be on the advantages that big data and data linkages bring with regard to the quality of policy evaluation, and on the settings in which the use of big data and data linkages will be most useful. These advantages and settings will be illustrated using examples from policy evaluations for Australia and the Netherlands, where a range of different data sources have been used, including administrative (or big) data on its own and linked with other sources, data collected especially for the evaluation, and regular surveys. The presentation will also explore some of the potential disadvantages and hurdles when using big data.