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  1. Big Data for Development: Challenges & Opportunities

    Discussion paper

    This white paper by UN Global Pulse examines the use of Big Data in development contexts. Using a number of examples, it highlights how this data type can be leveraged to provide early warnings of disruptions and crises, and can give real-time awareness and feedback of situations and interventions. It also delves into a conversation about the implications of Big Data use.

  2. Participatory Sense-Making for Evaluators: Data Parties and Dabbling in the Data

    14th June, 2016

    Data parties (also known as sense-making sessions, results-briefings, and data-driven reviews) play an important role in promoting evaluation use, but there is little information available on how to conduct one.  In this interactive webinar learn how to facilitate participatory analysis and organize a data party, as well as tips and techniques that set the stage for success.