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  1. Evaluations that make a difference: Stories from around the world

    11th April, 2016

    What is the value of evaluation and can stories provide a good way of communicating evaluation findings? In this guest blog post, Martha McGuire introduces the project, 'Evaluations that make a difference', a collection of eight evaluation stories from around the world about the ways in which evaluations contributed to making an impact, from the perspectives of the users and beneficiaries who have been involved in the evaluations.

  2. What do we mean by ‘impact’?

    17th March, 2016

    International development is fixated with impact. But how do we know we’re all talking about the same thing?

  3. J-PAL: Evaluating Social Programs

    2nd May, 2016 to 27th May, 2016

    J-PAL offers an interactive online version of its in-person Executive Education course. This is a self-paced course that covers the same material as the conventional on-site version and is hosted on MIT’s edX platform. It takes approximately four weeks to complete and a certificate is awarded upon completion of the course. This course is available to everyone free of cost. The next run of the course will begin on May 2, 2016.

  4. Managing for sustainable development impact course 2017

    20th March, 2017 to 7th April, 2017

    The Centre for Development Innovation's course, Managing for sustainable development impact course 2017, will link the theory and concepts of the Managing for Impact (M4I) approach and put M&E at the service of your core management processes. Learning will be highly interactive; participants will receive individual coaching by peers and course facilitators and will be challenged to translate the content to an approach that is appropriate and feasible back home.

  5. Designing Effective Ways to Evaluate Impact

    16th January, 2017 to 20th January, 2017
    United Kingdom

    This five day course tackles an emerging problem in development evaluation: how to ensure that we have the right mix of methods to provide relevant and credible impact evidence. In order to do this, we need to achieve a better understanding of the potential contribution of various evaluation designs and methods, and create the space for thinking this through and incorporating it into our practice.

  6. NPC's approach to developing an impact measurement framework


    NPC's Four Pillars approach provides advice to charities and steps they should take to determine how best to assess the difference they make. The guidance draws on various evaluation methods and ideas, but is geared to a practitioner audience.

  7. Missing Link: Sustained and Emerging Impact Evaluation

    3rd May, 2016

    This blog post by Jindra Cekan and Laurie Zivetz of Valuing Voices discusses the need for post-project impact evaluations. An area that needs more attention, BetterEvaluation will be working with Valuing Voices over the next couple of months to expand the available information and resources for this type of evaluation.

  8. Use of poverty assessment tools for impact evaluation?

    Forum topic

    Hi all, I support M&E for the LIFT (Livelihoods and Food Security Technical Assistance) project at FHI 360.  Please see our site if you would like background: As part of work to establish and facilitate li ...

  9. Comparing QuIP with thirty other approaches to impact evaluation


    This resource outlines how the Qualitative Impact Protocol (QuIP) compares to 30 other impact evaluation approaches.