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  1. UNICEF: Statistics and Monitoring


    In collaboration with a wide range of partners, UNICEF gathers evidence on the situation of children and women around the world. It uses this knowledge to inform national and global decision-making with the objective of improving children’s well-being. You can access this data on the UNICEF website for use in your evaluations. 

  2. Who Counts? The Power of Participatory Statistics


    This workshop by Jeremy Holland for the Institute of Development Studies was streamed live on May 1st, 2014. It discusses the importance of participatory statistics, arguing that local people can generate their own numbers – and the statistics that result are powerful for themselves and can influence policy.

  3. Excel for Evaluation


    This website, created by Ann Emery, provides a series of short videos on using Microsoft Excel to analyze data. The tutorials cover tips, tricks and techniques useful for beginner-level and intermediate-level users, ranging from importing data to creating charts.

  4. WISE: Web Interface for Statistics Education


    WISE's website organises a large amount of statistics resources available on the web into one central place. It also is home to a series of interactive, sequenced tutorials on key statistical concepts. The tutorials use dynamic applets that allow the user to explore relationships on their own. Guided exercises are designed to help the learner to take full advantage of the applets to gain a deeper understanding of the concepts and logic that underlie much of inferential statistics. On WISE, you can find WISE tutorials, WISE applets, excel downloads, teaching papers, quick guides, and publications.