gender equity

My “Home-Made” Evaluation Tools to Avoid Gender (and Equity) Blindness by Sara Vaca

In this AEA365 'Rad Resource' blog post, Sara Vaca discusses the importance and difficulty of introducing a Gender perspective into evaluations - even when this is not included in the evaluation ToRs. Sara outlines the tool she uses for Gender Analysis, as well as presents an infographic summarising some of the tools included in the recent UN Women’s manual: Inclusive Systemic Evaluation for Gender equality, Environments and Marginalized voices (ISE4GEMs): A new approach for the SDG era.

How to manage gender-responsive evaluation

This handbook, produced by the Independent Evaluation Office for UN Women, is aimed at supporting those who are implementing gender-responsive evaluations.  It provides extensive advice and tools for each of the key steps of an evaluation with clear directions and examples to support the user. The overall aim of the handbook is to provide a clear link between the theory of gender-responsive evaluation and practice.