User's Guide for SWOT Analysis

This guide from Impact Alliance provides a description of the SWOT tool, outlines examples for different uses and applications, offers two different ways to conduct a SWOT analysis, and concludes with a description of how to interpret and apply SWOT. 

SWOT is the acronym for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats


  • What is SWOT?
  • SWOT can be used, for example:
  • How to conduct a SWOT analysis: role of the facilitator
  • What do the results mean? How do we apply them?
  • How do we interpret and apply SWOT?
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Lito Nueva

i want to learn on how to conduct swot

SimonDavies's picture
Simon Davies

Hi Lito

I would encourage you to join our discussion group and pose this to our members, many of whom have expertise in this area. Here's the link for you to join: Peregrine Discussion Group - Home

Best wishes


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