8 Ways We Deceive Ourselves With Metrics (And How To Avoid Them), Part I

This blog from  is the first part of a two part series which examines many of the problems encountered when using metrics in evaluation and is particularly focused on what the writer terms, 'self-delusion'.   

" [H]ere are eight common ways we unconsciously self-deceive using stats, ignorance, bad logic, or other wily human tricks. I’ll present them as encouragements − makes them funnier that way − so you can recognize when they might occur and be prepared to challenge yourself.

To encourage your own self-deception, it helps if you let yourself:

  • #1: Be Innumerate
  • #2: Start With your Wished-For Outcome… Then Look For Supporting Proof
  • #3: Take Credit For Forces Beyond Your Control
  • #4 Settle for Industry Averages"


Quarto-vonTivadar, J. (2012, October 3). 8 ways we deceive ourselves with metrics (and how to avoid them), Part I. Retrieved from http://marketingland.com/oh-what-a-tangled-web-we-weave-23181