Rae Fry and Ingrid Burkett's blog

Beyond the Evaluation Box – Social Innovation with Ingrid Burkett

Rae Fry and Ingrid Burkett's picture 2nd September 2019 by Rae Fry and Ingrid Burkett

This blog is the fifth in our series about un-boxing evaluation – the theme of aes19 in Sydney. The series is designed to generate a global discussion of the theme ‘un-boxing evaluation’ and what it means for our profession and practice. Associate Professor Ingrid Burkett, Co-Director of the Yunus Social Business Centre at Griffith University, wants evaluators to get beyond the evaluation box and work with other disciplines. She is a social designer, designing processes, products and knowledge that deepen social impact and facilitate social innovation. Ingrid Burkett spoke to Rae Fry.