Outcome Harvesting

Developed with the support of the Ford Foundation, this document provides an introduction to Outcome Harvesting for the purpose of allowing evaluators and decision makers to determine if the method is appropriate for their evaluation needs. It offers examples of where the method has been used in real life situations. There is discussion of its strengths and weaknesses before working through the overall process from designing the evaluation and supporting the use of findings.


  • Introduction to Outcome Harvesting
  • Design the Outcome Harvest
  • Review Documentation and Draft Outcome Descriptions
  • Engage with Change Agents to Formulate Outcome Descriptions
  • Substantiate
  • Analyze and Interpret
  • Support Use of Findings


Wilson Grau, R. Britt, H. 2012, Outcome Harvesting, MENA Office, Ford Foundation. Retrieved from http://www.managingforimpact.org/sites/default/files/resource/outome_harvesting_brief_final_2012-05-2-1.pdf