Most Significant Change - Learning to learn

All the links in this resource are archived. The Learning to Learn project is now Teaching for Effective Learning

This webpage from the South Australian Government's Learning to Learn (L2L) program offers an overview of the study and practice of the technique Most Significant Change (MSC). There are summaries of the approach, an example pro forma, discussion on its model of research and an example of how it was used to evaluate school cultures in South Australia. A summary of this example is given below.


  • What is MSC?
  • Model of Research
  • Most Significant Change - In the Beginning
  • Pro forma
  • The Most Significant Change Approach
  • Processes used by Learning Circles
  • 'Most Significant Change' Guide
  • Most Significant Change Technique
  • Other Views on Narrative


Department for Education and Child Development, Learning to learn (L2L) (2010) Most Significant Change,  Government of South Australia. Retrieved from (archived link)


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