Interventions and tools for M&E capacity strengthening

Interventions to strengthen M&E capacity can start with comprehensive diagnostics to understand existing capacities and identify gaps. Such diagnostics can be at the national level, assessing the overall M&E systems of a country or region, or at the organisational level, focusing on specific government departments or sectors.

Once the diagnostic phase is complete, tailored technical assistance and advisory services, and capacity-strengthening plans can be used to address the identified needs. This might include creating or improving some of the components of the enabling environment, organisational capacity or individual capacity.

In this section

  • Diagnostic assessments are the systematic assessment of a country or organisation's current monitoring and evaluation capabilities and practices or an individual's M&E competencies.

  •  A capacity-strengthening plan sets out concrete planned actions to enhance the abilities of individuals, organisations, and systems to perform M&E functions effectively and sustainably.

  • Technical assistance and advisory work involves providing expert guidance and support to enhance the structures, processes, and capabilities necessary for effective M&E.

  • Education and training programs can range from short courses, workshops and seminars to formal accredited university programs at the post-graduate level.

  • There are many ways of supporting learning that don't involve formal courses.

  • Building and sharing knowledge are important components of a national M&E system.

  • Recognition of good practice can serve as a formal mechanism to acknowledge and celebrate outstanding achievements in the field of M&E, incentivising excellence and innovation among practitioners and organisations.

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