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The 2017 American Evaluation Association conference, with the theme 'Learning to Action'  is coming soon - the conference runs from November 8-11. Here are some ways you can be part of it, whether you can make it in person or not.

You can:

  • Participate in one or both of the BetterEvaluation 'flipped conference' sessions on (1) Better ways to support the use of evaluation findings,  and (2) Scaffolding new methods.
  • Participate in a session on learning from evaluation failures, featuring BetterEvaluation contributors Michael Quinn Patton, Stephanie Evergreen, Kylie Hutchinson and Rakesh Mohan
  • Register for the virtual sessions.
  • Enjoy the five winning videos on the conference theme.

Participate in one or two 'flipped conference sessions' 

The BetterEvaluation team is collaborating with evaluators from around the world to lead two 'flipped conference' sessions.  A flipped conference aims to make better use of face-to-face time by not spending time on one-way transmission of information in a presentation. Instead, information is provided to read beforehand and some initial responses are elicited, and then the valuable face-to-face time at the conference is used to interact and discuss the ideas.

For both sessions we will be inviting you to:

  • Do some pre-reading beforehand, including some discussion questions and share your thought
  • Share an example beforehand (optional)
  • Read the shared examples beforehand and share your comments and questions
  • Come to the session (if you can attend in person) ready to ask questions about the examples, comment on the frameworks in the pre-reading and together explore which options work best in which situations

(1) Better ways of supporting use of evaluation findings

This session focuses on a specific task in evaluation - supporting the use of evaluation findings. Many factors affect the use and influence of evaluation findings, especially early attention to identifying and engaging with primary intended users and clarifying  their primary intended uses, and paying attention to making reporting accessible, including appropriate data visualisation.  This session focuses on what you can do in addition to all of this, after the final report has been produced.

  • When? Saturday (November 11, 2017) 09:15 AM - 10:00 AM 
  • Where? Room: Thurgood Marshall North 

This interactive session will identify a range of different processes that can be used, and explore which ones work well in which situations, and what should be considered when choosing and using them. We will collaboratively develop an enlarged repertoire of options to support evaluation use, and document contextual factors that should be considered when choosing.

Check out the preparatory material here and share your example.

(2) Scaffolding new methods

This session will examine ways to bridge the gap between knowing about an evaluation method, process or approach and being able to apply it effectively in practice.

  • When? Sat, Nov 11, 2017 (11:15 AM - 12:00 PM)
  • Where? Thurgood Marshall East, Washington Marriott Wardman Park.

Patricia Rogers and Jane Davidson will facilitate a discussion on the topic: How can we support people to put their learning about new evaluation methods and innovations into practice?

Check out the preparatory material here and share your example.

Share your story of evaluation failure

This session, scheduled for Friday November 10 from 8.00am to 9.30am in the room Washington 4.  You can bring along your own story of evaluation failure to share.  Use the following structure to prepare your story.  

WHAT?   Describe what happened.

SO WHAT? Interpretation: What was the reason for the failure?  For example: Was the failure due to: not implementing well processes that were suitable; failing to implement processes that were suitable; implementing processes that were not suitable; not adapting when the situation changed; or something else?

NOW WHAT? The lesson you offer. Your take-away for us. 

Attend the conference virtually

If you register in advance through this link you can see the plenary sessions, ask questions, and interact with other virtual attendees.  This service is being provided by the AEA and all enquiries should be directed through the information details on the registration page.

Enjoy the five winning videos on the conference theme

You can also view the five winning videos in the contest that invited people to say what the Evaluation 2017 theme: From Learning to Action meant to them.


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