Climate Vulnerability and Capacity Analysis Handbook

This handbook provides a detailed guide to CARE's Climate Vulnerability and Capacity Analysis Methodology including the concepts, process, analysis, and tools that can be used for evaluation.

"The CVCA methodology is based on a framework of “enabling factors” for Community-Based Adaptation (CBA). The Handbook presents a set of guiding questions for analysis of information at national, local and household/individual levels.

It provides guidance on facilitating a participatory process for multi-stakeholder analysis and collaborative learning. The CVCA is designed to feed into and strengthen planning processes by providing vital, context-specific information about the impacts of climate change and local vulnerability. The process of gathering, analyzing and validating this information promotes invaluable dialogue within communities, and between communities and other stakeholders.

The CVCA methodology may be used and adapted to gather and analyze information to design climate change adaptation initiatives, as well as to integrate climate change adaptation issues into livelihoods and natural resource management programs. It can also provide practical evidence for advocacy on climate change issues. This Handbook provides an overview of the methodology, as well as practical guidance for using it in the design and implementation of adaptation actions." (Dazé, Ambrose & Ehrhart, 2009)


  • The CVCA Process
  • Doing the Analysis
  • Using the Analysis
  • Field Guides for Participatory Tools

Specific Options Mentioned

  • Framework for Community-based Adaptation – p. 9-10, 13, 16, 18
  • Secondary Research - p. 14, 16
  • Institutional Mapping - p. 14, 17
  • Key Informant Interviews - p. 15-18
  • Participatory Tools - p. 19-20
  • Baseline Studies – p. 19
  • Semi-structured Discussion – p. 19-20
  • Hazard Mapping – p. 20, 33-34
  • Seasonal Calendars – p. 20, 35-36
  • Venn Diagram – p. 20, 39-40
  • Vulnerability Matrix – p. 20, 41-42


Dazé, A., Ambrose, K., & Ehrhart, C. CARE, (2009).Climate vulnerability and capacity analysis handbook. Retrieved from CARE International website:

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