Health Impacts of Climate Change: Adaptation Strategies for Western Australia

This report from the Western Australian Department of Health aims to provide an overview of the impact of climate change on the health of people living in Western Australia in the future. While it is based on limited information, it is designed as a starting point for discussions on these matters.

"In collaboration with Government and other stakeholders such as industry and service providers (see Appendix three), a Health Impact Assessment of Climate Change Project was undertaken to consider its implications on the health of the people of Western Australia and to develop a range of adaptive responses that could provide Government with the basis for future decision making.

The second phase entailed a risk assessment of the health impacts on communities including specific reference to vulnerability, and the development of adaptations which could be used to mitigate the identified impacts." (Spickett, Brown, & Katscherian, 2008)


  • Logical Framework – p. 8
  • Qualitative Risk Assessment – p. 20
  • Qualitative Scale – p. 20
  • First pass assessment – p. 28
  • Quantitative risk Assessment – p. 28
  • Workshop – p. 31
  • Consequence rating – p. 68
  • Likelihood rating – p. 69
  • Risk Priority levels – p. 69


Spickett, J., Brown, H., & Katscherian, D. (2008). Health impacts of climate change: Adaptation strategies for western Australia. Western Australia: Department of Health, Environmental Health Directorate,


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