Mid-term evaluation of the Kenya civil society strengthening program

This mid-term evaluation report from USAID, provides an overview and analysis of its Kenya Civil Society Strengthening Program (KCSSP) which aims to strengthen the capacity of CSO's in a number of key areas.

"Specifically, the main objectives of the KCSSP evaluation were:

  • Assess the quality of performance of KCSSP to date against the program’s objectives and results;
  • Address the impact of the KCSSP on selected sub-grantees in each of the three target areas of D&G, conflict management and peace building, and NRM;
  • Assess the degree to which gender issues are addressed within the KCSSP and provide recommendations on how to more effectively mainstream gender programming;
  • Examine the monitoring, evaluation, research and learning component of the program, and provide suggestions for more effective data collection and use by the program and USAID;
  • Provide suggestions on how best to incorporate the program benefits within local organizations once the program ends in 2012; and
  • Provide clear lessons and recommendations for how to proceed through the end of the program.

This report reviews the performance and progress the KCSSP has achieved to date and provides a practical set of lessons learned and recommendations for enhancing the program in the remaining three years with emphasis on examining an exit strategy that will maximize sustainability and impact.(USAID 2010)


  • Evaluation Purpose and Methodology
  • KCSSP Overview
  • Major Findings
  • Lessons Learned
  • Conclusions and Recommendations
  • Appendices

Specific methods mentioned

  • Stakeholder Interview Protocol – Appendix D, p. 8-10 (Appendices)
  • Program Logic – Appendix F, p. 12 (Appendices)


United States Agency for International Development (USAID), (2010). Mid-term evaluation of the Kenya civil society strengthening program. Retrieved from Development & Training Services, Inc. (dTS) website: http://pdf.usaid.gov/pdf_docs/PDACR853.pdf