Evaluation Report Checklist

This checklist was developed by drawing upon and reflecting on The Program Evaluation Standards which were created for the Joint Committee on Standards for Educational Evaluation, 1994.  

This checklist provides the user with options to check on structure of the report and also to identify areas of weakness. In addition, the evaluator/writer of the report can monitor his/her performance during the course of writing. The checklist can serve as a tool to coordinate and monitor the progress where more than one contributors are involved in reporting writing.

The checklist has two intended applications:

  1. to guide a discussion between evaluators and clients about the preferred contents of evaluation reports
  2. to provide formative feedback to report writers.  

How to Use the Tool

Once you start writing an evaluation report or have already completed one, you may like to review it rating on each indicator included in eight aspects in the checklist. This will help you identify areas of weakness.

You can also use it to coordinate and monitor the progress where you are writing a report jointly with an other author. You and your team mate/s can identify weaker areas and/or can divide the work within themselves with a division of sections to improve.


Miron, G. The Evaluation Centre, (2004). Evaluation report checklist. Retrieved from Western Michigan University website: http://www.wmich.edu/evalctr/archive_checklists/reports.xls

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