Cost-Effectiveness Analysis, US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) online guide offers a detailed and interactive introduction to the Cost-Effectiveness Analysis (CEA) process.

Guidance is provided for the following:

  • CEA theory, including CEA advantages over other forms of cost analysis, and where CEA can be used
  • Framing CEA, including advice on adopting a research strategy,
  • Outcomes relevant to CEA, and decision analysis
  • Interpreting CEA results, including cost-effectiveness ratios, exclusion criteria, and
  • Presentation of results.

This guide also offers an opportunity for users to ‘test their understanding’ through brief summary tests at the end of each chapter, which appear alongside annotated answers.


Denil, N., Owusu-Edusei, K., Roy, K., Schofield, A., & Zohrabian, A. (n.d.). Cost effectiveness analysis. Retrieved from

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