member-contributed resources

New resource contributions from our members

Alice Macfarlan's picture 21st February 2018 by Alice Macfarlan

We've had a number of great resource contributions come in over the past couple of weeks and so we thought we'd take the time to highlight them here. BetterEvaluation relies on the contributions of members to share and co-create knowledge about monitoring and evaluation, and we feel extraordinarily privileged to be a part of a community of people who are working together to help improve evaluation practice around the world.

Learning from practice: Inception reports and social learning - do you have examples or advice to share?

Alice Macfarlan's picture 14th February 2017 by Alice Macfarlan

The wonderful thing about BetterEvaluation is that it is, at its core, a platform to co-create and share knowledge about how to better conduct, use and manage evaluations. 

Evaluation practitioners and managers, experts and partner organizations work together to create and learn from improved knowledge and practice in monitoring and evaluation. We support three interconnected areas of activity - capacity strengthening, M&E research and development, and the BetterEvaluation toolbox, which includes the Rainbow Framework and the BetterEvaluation resource library. 

M&E resources: send us what you've found useful!

Nick Herft's picture 14th August 2015 by Nick Herft

We're trialling a new format for member-contributed resources and we want you to try it out. This new format focuses on collecting more descriptive information from the contributor about how they used the resource and who they think would find it useful. Our goal is to build a collection of relevant1 & credible resources, with descriptions that enable people to quickly determine if the resource will be applicable to their needs.