advisory group

Advisory Group

An advisory group can be established to provide advice on an individual evaluation, a series of evaluations, or the evaluation function within an organization. Decisions (such as approving a terms of reference, selection of an external evaluator, or acceptance of a final report) are made by a different group, which might be a formal steering committee or an identified manager or managers.

Enhancing Evaluation Use: Insights from Internal Evaluation Units

This book, co-edited by Marlène Läubli Loud and John Mayne, offers invaluable insights from real evaluators who share strategies they have adopted through their own experiences in evaluation. It discusses a number of challenges, solutions, and lessons drawn from the experience of evaluators working in a wide range of organizations. Contributors discuss factors that help or undermine attempts to foster an evaluative thinking and learning culture within an organization.

How do we use advisory groups effectively in evaluation?

marlene laeubli loud's picture 17th April 2018 by marlene laeubli loud

This guest blog by Marlène Läubli Loud aims to start a discussion about what advisory group practices work well in what situations. Marlène looks back on her experiences and outlines some of the conditions that she believes have contributed to securing the “best value” from advisory groups, and asks for other ideas and examples for engaging and utilising advisory groups to their full advantage.