External technology infrastructure

External technology infrastructure encompasses the wider array of technological resources and services not internally owned or managed by a specific organisation but available for use in the broader public domain.

This infrastructure allows various actors, including government agencies, international organisations, and civil society, to interact, collect and share data and collaborate on evaluations. The availability of this infrastructure can vary both within and across national contexts.

Key components of external technology infrastructure may include:

  • Public data networks: These are the communication networks available to the public, such as the internet, which facilitate the exchange of information and data across different organisations and the public.

  • Shared data platforms: Online platforms or repositories where multiple entities can upload, share, and access M&E data, ensuring transparency and collaborative analysis.

  • Interoperability standards: Protocols and standards that enable different IT systems and software to communicate and work together are crucial for integrating M&E data from diverse sources.

  • Cloud computing services: Third-party cloud platforms that offer scalable and flexible computing resources, data storage, and application services that can be used for M&E purposes.

  • Open data initiatives: Government or donor-driven initiatives that make datasets publicly available, providing a rich resource for evaluative research and analysis.

  • Global Information Systems: Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and other global data services that provide spatial data can be integral for certain types of evaluations.

  • Telecommunication services: Infrastructure provided by telecom companies that supports data collection and dissemination, especially in remote or underserved areas.

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