Generic change theories

Causal mechanisms, change mechanisms

There are some change theories that can be applied across different sectors - for example, motivation, deterrence, capacity development.  

This page provides links to some resources that outline these change theories.

Theories of Change  - This paper by Illana Shapiro outlines a number of change theories that might be applicable in interventions that aim to help resolve conflicts, prevent violence, prevent violence and promote more co-operative relationships between groups. 

ABC of Behaviour Change Theories - This book (by Susan Michie, Robert West, Rona Campbell, Jamie Brown & Heather Gainforth) describes 83 theories of behaviour change that might be relevant for designing or evaluating interventions.  For each theory, the book provides a brief summary, a list of its component constructs, a more detailed description and a network analysis to show its links with other theories in the book.

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