Evaluation and Gender Mainstreaming in the European Social Fund

This webpage from The European Community of Practice on Gender Mainstreaming (Gender-CoP) provides details, including copies of all presentations, from the Conference on Evaluation and Gender Mainstreaming in the European Social Fund, Helsinki, Finland

The webpage provides links to the following documents and presentations from the conference:

  1. Introduction of the Gender-CoP and the aim of the conference, Bengt Nilsson [pdf]
  2. Evaluation of ESF 2007-2013 support to gender equality, Sonia de Melo Xavier, European Commission [pdf]
  3. Engendering Evaluation as a Way to Improve Quality, Maria Bustelo, University of Madrid [pdf]
  4. The Challenge of New Gender Concepts for Mainstreaming Evaluation, Liisa Horelli, Aalto University [pdf]
  5. Gender Budgeting, A Strategy to Monitor and Evaluate Gender Equality within the ESF,  Regina Frey, Agency for Gender Equality within the ESF [pdf]
  6. Gender Mainstreaming in the Evaluation of the ESF – a case study, Henriette Meseke, Agency for Gender Equality within the ESF [pdf]
  7. Filmed summary from Helsinki conference [film-clip]


Gender-CoP. (2012, October 5). Past activity: Evaluation and gender mainstreaming, January 26, 2012. Retrieved from http://www.gendercop.com/activities/evalation-and-gender-mainstreaming-j...

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