Evaluation of a community managed forest project in Humbo, Ethiopia

This paper gives a practical description of an evaluation of the World Vision Humbo Community Managed Natural Regeneration project in Ethiopia. The evaluator and author, Carolyn Kaboré, discusses the challenges of evaluating a high profile project and describes the methods used to carry out the evaluation, and why they were chosen. 

The paper addresses:

  • Establishing the Terms of Reference for the evaluation through an inclusive consultation process
  • The general approach taken and how they dealt with specific issues such as sampling
  • The data collection methods used, including a household survey, group interviews, key informant interviews
  • The reporting process and the next steps for the project.

The paper was reviewed by Irene Guijt and Rema Saraswathy.


Kaboré, Carolyn (2013) Evaluation of a community managed forest project in Humbo, Ethiopia. BetterEvaluation, Melbourne, Victoria. 

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