Good practice examples

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We are sharing some initial examples of good practice and aim to get many more from communities across Australia.

These good practice examples include both an evaluation, and an assessment of the evaluation. 

Kungkas can cook (2019)

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Kungkas Can Cook, Rayleen Brown with ICV volunteer Deborah Stanley, gathering content for the new website.

Evaluating with Kungkas Can Cook: passion, dedication and clear social purpose
In 2019, Kungkas Can Cook worked with Indigenous Community Volunteers (ICV) on two community development projects: (1) to increase efficiency of financial processes; and, (2) to develop a website that reflects the voice and social purpose of the business.
Participatory monitoring with Kungkas Can Cook (2019)
This example focuses on the participatory monitoring practices of ICV while they were working with Kungkas Can Cook in 2019. As an internal evaluation, integrated into program delivery, the evaluation uses a participatory action research approach to co-design and deliver the project objectives.

Littlewell working group (2015)

Two men on a transect walk, looking at an old pram

Thomas Cameron, the elected spokesperson for the Littlewell Working Group, talking with ICV volunteer Peter White in 2015. Both men are looking at an old pram on Littlewell Reserve and Thomas is explaining the significance of the old pram.

Evaluating with the Littlewell Working Group
The monitoring and evaluation (M&E) undertaken with the Littlewell Working Group was one of the first examples for Indigenous Community Volunteers (ICV) of applying the participatory approach and new monitoring system to co-design short and long term indicators of change with communities, monitor them throughout the project cycle and assess effectiveness at the end
Participatory monitoring with the Littlewell Working Group (2015)
This example focuses on the participatory monitoring practices of ICV while they were working with Littlewell Working Group in 2015. Methods included participatory monitoring, transect walking, ten seed technique, video and audio recordings of semi-structured interviews, and photography.

Good practice map 

the good practice map is currently under development

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