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Evaluation Master Class Theme: Advances in MSC – evolution of a technique

24th November, 2014
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The Master Class is offered to experienced evaluators or those who wish to explore complex evaluation challenges and discuss contemporary evaluation theory.

This Master Class is targeted at people who have used, or have a good understanding of MSC and want to explore new and alternate ways in which it is being applied. 

This class will explore the evolution of the Most Significant Change technique over the years and will be delivered by Dr Jess Dart with virtual contribution from Rick Davies.

The MSC technique was first conceived over fifteen years ago by Rick Davies. Jess Dart later refined the process and together they developed the Most Significant Change technique (MSC) User guide. Since this time MSC has really taken on a life of its own and is now used globally in a range of contexts, and increasingly, is being applied in new and different ways.  It is now available in 12 languages! Since writing the guide we are also hearing examples of MSC catalysing other related approaches and refinements to the core methodology.

This Master Class will explore these developments and uses and will focus on four main areas of advancement:

  • Use of the technique – broadening the way MSC is used beyond monitoring (as part of evaluation, as part of program planning and as a precursor to clarifying the theory of change).
  • Use as a complimentary tool that supplements holistic evaluation approaches such as: Social Return on Investment and Outcomes MappingCollaborative Outcomes Reporting
  • Technological advances – it is now very easy to record stories by either phone or video device.  There is better technology, which is accessible to more people and easy to record. Sophisticated computer programs have also come on the market, such as Sense Maker and various free alternatives, which allow people to code the stories collected.

The Master Class is designed to be somewhat flexible, so the interests/challenges that the participants bring with them will guide the agenda to some degree. It aims to draw on the collective experience and wisdom of all the participants. This workshop is pitched at the intermediate to advanced level.

Event Location:  Perth October 24th 2014 & Melbourne November 25th 2014
Cost: $350 (Not for profit discount available)

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