The SROI Network

"The Social Return On Investment (SROI) Network promotes the use and development of the Social Return on Investment methodology internationally, encouraging a community of practice along the way." (SROI Network)

"The SROI Network is a membership organisation and a company limited by guarantee. The objectives of the SROI Network are:

  • To ensure the principles and standards of SROI are adhered to
  • To develop the methodology
  • To disseminate information on indicators and proxies for use in SROI analyses
  • To train SROI practitioners and provide peer support." (SROI Network)


  • What is SROI?
  • SROI Analysis
  • Case Studies
  • Publications
  • Membership
  • Training


SROI Network. (n.d.). The sroi network intl.. Retrieved from

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Wouter Rijneveld's picture
Wouter Rijneveld

I recently did some SROI analyses in participatory workshops in Malawi, meant as an experiment. Went rather sceptical, but came back a whole lot more enthusiastic, esp after 2nd visit where I talked a lot to all stakeholders about the SROI exercises. Report including reflections on the methodology is available.

Patricia Rogers's picture
Patricia Rogers

Please share your report - it would be great to see SROI in action.

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