Evaluation Plan Workbook

This workbook from the Innovation Network provides a detailed overview of the concepts and processes for planning a program evaluation.

It is designed as a self paced module with activities, examples and links to other resources to support the material offered in the book.  


  • How to Use this Workbook
  • What is Evaluation?
  • Proving vs. Improving: A Brief History of Evaluation
  • Our Approach
  • Evaluation Principles
  • Why Evaluate?
  • Developing an Evaluation Plan
  • Implementation and Outcomes: One Without the Other?
  • Evaluating Implementation
  • What You Did: Activities and Outputs
  • How Well You Did It: Additional Evaluation Questions
  • Evaluating Outcomes
  • What Difference Did You Make? 
  • Indicators
  • Elements of a Strong Indicator Statement
  • Indicator Examples
  • Setting Indicator Targets
  • Multiple Indicators
  • Direct v. Indirect Indicators
  • Data Collection Preview
  • Methods
  • Ease of Data Collection
  • Review Your Plan


Innovation Network, (2005). Evaluation plan workbook. Retrieved from website: http://www.innonet.org/client_docs/File/evaluation_plan_workbook.pdf

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