Learning Lessons: Connecting the Dots for Greater Development Impact

This paper from the Asian Development Bank (ADB) synthesizes key lessons drawn from evaluations of projects and programs that have been funded by the ADB. The paper argues that it is essential to create links and connections between the distinct histories, geographies, and characteristics of developing countries in order to achieve good results in programs and projects.

"Evaluative evidence points to the vital role links play in the patterns of  development. These involve projects and programs in different areas, at different  times, and the work of different players. Building synergies across areas, times, and  across players seems key to improving the development effectiveness of the Asian Development Bank (ADB) and other development practitioners and policymakers." (ADB, 2012)


Independent Evaluation Department, Asian Development Bank. (2012). Learning lessons: Connecting the dots for greater development impact (April 2012). Retrieved from website: http://www.seachangecop.org/node/980

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