Evaluation & Communication in Practice – a workspace for DECI-2

This website from the International Development Research Centre (IDRC) is the home for the Developing Evaluation & Communication Capacity in Information Society Research (DECI-2) program.  

Whilst the original DECI-1 (Developing Evaluation Capacity in ICT4D) program focused on Utilization-Focused Evaluation (UFE) mentoring in Asia, DECI-2 has a much broader scope.

  • "DECI-2 provides capacity development in both evaluation and communication for IDRC research projects in the Information & Networks Program (I&N).
  • DECI-2 offers mentoring in Utilization-Focused Evaluation – an approach to evaluation that focuses on producing evaluations that are actually utilized.  At the same time, DECI-2 offers mentoring in Research Communication, to assist projects in developing and implementing their communication strategies.
  • DECI-2 is a research project aimed at test-driving capacity development in these two fields.  An assumption is that the combined effect of UFE and Research Communication will enhance the internal learning culture within projects; and it will enable projects to focus attention early on communication planning to enhance the reach and use of research outcomes." (International Development Research Centre (IDRC), 2012).


The page has a range of resources on both the DECI-1 and DECI-2 projects including case studies and examples.


International Development Research Centre (IDRC). (2012). DECI-2: Developing evaluation & communication capacity in information society research. Retrieved from http://evaluationinpractice.wordpress.com/

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