CIPP Evaluation Model Checklist

Stufflebeam provides an explanation of what CIPP is, and a checklist designed to help evaluators evaluate programs with relatively long-term goals.


The checklist proposed by Stufflebeam have the following topics:

  • Contractual agreements
  • Context evaluation
  • Input evaluation
  • Process evaluation
  • Impact evaluation
  • Effectiveness evaluation
  • Sustainability evaluation
  • Transportability evaluation
  • Metaevaluation
  • The final synthesis report

It also provided a list of references and related checklists. You can view a list of other relevant checklists on the Evaluation Centre's website.


Stufflebeam, D. L. (2007). CIPP Evaluation Model Checklist, A tool for applying the CIPP Model to assess long-term enterprises: Evaluation Checklists Project.

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