Impact Evaluation Experts in India

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Impact Evaluation Experts in India


I currently am working with the Social Inclusion Group of IL&FS, an Indian infrastructure company. Our company works in IL&FS project catchment areas to develop socio economic interventions that can help improve the quality of life of people living in these areas. We currently work across 8 locations in India.

So far, we have been collecting baseline information and doing a thorough needs assessment of our various geographies and have now reached the intervention planning and implementation phase. It is at this point that we want to develop our M&E and Impact Assessment Methodologies. While we have found this website immensely useful, it would help if we could find local experts who could guide us through the process.

I was thus wondering if anyone on this forum would have any recommendations on where or who we should talk to about the same.


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Finding local evaluators in India

Dear Ashwait

Delighted you're finding the site useful.  Please do let us know what is being helpful, and what other topics would be useful.cIn terms of finding a local expert, here are some suggestions:

Check out the small but growing list of members at the Community of Evaluators members list, which covers the South Asia region

Contact the Development Evaluation Society of India 

Review the list of BetterEvaluation members and contact those who are based in India 


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Hi Patricia,

Hi Patricia,

Thanks for the links- we will look into contacting DESI to see if they can provide us with evaluation support.

What we have found the most useful in your website is the framework overview of how to develop an M&E and IA. It helps break down what seems like an impossible task into smaller do-able tasks, which is good. I also like the associated resources page that provides you with articles related to each step.

What we would like to see is a more collaborative network and forum wherein it would be possible to discuss IA with development practitioners and policy makers.

I will keep you updated with any feedback I may have as I go through your website.



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