What does the investment return?

This report describes the Social Return on Investment (SROI) of a project in rural Malawi. A Dutch NGO (Red een Kind) works with a Malawian organisation (LISAP) in 49 villages in Nkhata Bay area, Northern Malawi. Projects focus on community development including a wide range of activities. Participatory workshops were held in two villages and three of the major activities were selected: a preschool intervention, an afterschool intervention and a safe motherhood intervention. During these workshops, all stakeholders jointly went through the steps of SROI. During a second visit the experiences were discussed with the communities and the organisation in order to receive feedback, since this exercise was meant as an experiment. It turned out the participatory process had been particularly meaningful for most stakeholders.


  • Why did we do this experiment?
  • What does LISAP do?
  • How did we do this experiment?
  • The investments and the returns
  • How and when could this be used?
  • Annex 1: Impact maps
  • Annex 2: Report from SocialEvaluator


Rijneveld, W. (2013) What does the investment return? an experiment in measuring social value in a participatory manner. Retrieved from https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B0C42UxSyIcaQW5lekRvV2JlejA/edit

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