GIS for Disaster Recovery

This report describes how GIS was used to support disaster recovery in Aceh after the 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami.

"Within days of the devastation, the United Nations (UN) set up a Humanitarian Information Center (HIC) in Sumatra. Based in tents in the heart of the catastrophe, HIC collected data from the Indonesian government, nongovernment organizations (NGOs), and international agencies. Using ArcGIS® software from GIS and mapping software manufacturer ESRI, UN HIC delivered this information, including GIS data and maps, to the responding humanitarian community, allowing it to deliver assistance more effectively immediately after the emergency." (ESRI, 2007)


  • First Response
  • GIS Aids Emergency Workers
  • Meeting Changing Needs
  • GIS in Aceh Province Today


ESRI, (2007). GIS for disaster recovery. Retrieved from website:

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