KStoolkit: Fishbowl Technique

This webpage from the KnowledgeSharing Toolkit website offers a guide on how the Fishbowl Technique can be used for stakeholder engagement in a variety of settings.

"Fishbowl processes provide a creative way to include the “public” in a small group discussion. They can be used in a wide variety of settings, including workshops, conferences, organizational meetings and public assemblies. Fishbowls are useful for ventilating “hot topics” or sharing ideas or information from a variety of perspectives. When the people in the middle are public officials or other decision-makers, this technique can help bring transparency to the decision-making process and increase trust and understanding about complex issues." (kstoolkit)


  • What is a fishbowl process?
  • When to use it
  • As a facilitator, how do I implement a fishbowl process?
  • Timing 
  • Some variations for conferences
  • Tips and Lessons Learnt
  • Related Options / Tools / Practices
  • Resources
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