Becoming more effective: an introduction to monitoring and evaluation for refugee community organisations

This guide, written by Shehnaaz Latif for Charities Evaluation Services, is designed to support refugee organisations conduct monitoring and evaluation of their programs. The guide outlines a five step process to conducting a self evaluation allowing the user to: be clear about the information they need and how to collect it; use that information to improve their services; and demonstrate to their funders that they are running an effective service.


"We have written this guide for refugee community organisations (RCOs) who have little or no experience of monitoring and evaluation. We use the term ‘project’ throughout the guide, and by this we mean any project, service or organisation.

The guide describes five steps to follow in order to carry out monitoring and evaluation, and demonstrates each step using examples. In particular, we have developed an example of a refugee community association and use it to illustrate the five steps.

Once you have read the guide, you can follow these five steps to help you monitor and evaluate your project, taking a fresh look at what you do. This should strengthen the whole project. But it should also improve your services and your organisation’s performance as a whole.

The guide uses everyday language and gives you a practical, easy-to-follow approach to evaluating your project. We explain the different terms as we use them."


  • Section 1: What are monitoring and evaluation? 4
  • Section 2: What you do and why you do it 7
  • Section 3: Monitoring 18
  • Section 4: Evaluation 22
  • Section 5: Using your results 24


Shehnaaz Latif (2008), Becoming more effective: an introduction to monitoring and evaluation for refugee community organisations, Charities Evaluation Services. Retrieved from:

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