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Workshop: Seeing is believing: Develop your data visualisation skills to communicate effectively and facilitate decision making

Presenting results so stakeholders easily understand them is critical aspect of successful evaluations. This workshop will develop your skills to grab the attention of your stakeholders and communicate evaluation findings effectively through visualising data.

You will discover the good and bad of data visualisation and learn the key principles to apply to reporting and presenting quantitative and qualitative results. The benefits of these techniques are many: results are more accessible, the meaning of complex information is clearer, and decision makers can grasp the key information more quickly.

21st April, 2015
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Participants will learn methods and processes of data visualisation in multiple applications. Techniques include modelling, developing visual maps, the use of metaphor and storytelling, use of colour to convey meaning, graphical presentation, mind maps and storyboards.

The workshop will explore:
• definitions of data visualisation as it applies to evaluation
• the case for data visualisation and the needs of stakeholders
• how audiences absorb data and information
• how data becomes clear, intuitive and even fun
• what makes for clear data visualisation and what makes things murky
• rules for charts and simple quantitative presentation formats, including Excel
• options for visualising qualitative data.

You are invited to bring quantitative or qualitative data visualisations to discuss. Examples will be selected and the techniques learnt will be applied in group exercises. The group will discuss and explore the case for data visualisation and the needs of stakeholders. Participants should bring a laptop in order to undertake exercises in Excel. Learning strategies will include individual and group exercises.

Who should attend?

Beginners and those new to data visualisation will benefit from this workshop.
This workshop was well-received by attendees at the 2013 and 2014 AES Conferences.
Numbers are strictly limited in order to ensure all attendees receive personal attention.

About the presenter

Ellen Vasiliauskas is the Director of d-sipher, an award-winning Queensland-based consultancy firm specialising in evaluation to inform improvements to business, programs, service delivery and organisational development. She has more than 30 years experience in undertaking major government evaluation projects and has a special interest in regional evaluation, mixed-method evaluations and modelling complex projects to assist decision-makers in applying evaluation outcomes. Ellen was a judge for seven years on the Awards Committee for the AES Awards for Excellence in Evaluation, and has won several awards, including the AES 2005 Evaluation Development Award and the AES 1998 Best Public Sector Evaluation for her work with the Australian Defence Force.


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  • Student member $220
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Register online by 14 April 2015