Ohio Women’s Centers’ Reflections on Evaluation & Assessment

This paper, the second of the Ohio Women's Centres Issues Briefs, presents reflections from the Ohio Women’s Centers on evaluation, its role in their work and issues related to its accomplishment.

The information provided was supplied by Donna Podems, Director, OtherWISE: Research and Evaluation, and Svetlana Negroustoueva, Evaluation specialist. 

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Ohio Women’s Centers

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Discussion paper

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The Issue Brief brings up the three themes related to evaluation that were identified as key:

  1. Women’s centers increasingly appreciate the need and value of doing meaningful evaluation
  2. Women’s centers experience a discrepancy between the institutional expectations of what constitutes evaluation and our own “best practice” of what feminist evaluation might mean
  3. Women’s centers struggle to develop and implement evaluation that accurately captures the nature of our work

The discussion also covers the development and implementation of feminist evaluation.

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  • Evaluators

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This is a good reflection piece linking practical concepts related to the development and implementation of feminist evaluation.

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The discussion of the development and implementation of feminist evaluation highlights the importance of understanding the politics of evaluation as critical to develop and employ strategic evaluation methods that are meaningful for all involved stakeholders, internal institutions, and external constituents.  


Ohio Women's Centres (2011). Ohio Women’s Centers’ Reflections on Evaluation & Assessment, Issue Brief 02, November 2011.

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