Monitoring and Evaluation of Capacity-Building Interventions in the Health Sector...

This guide from Measure Evaluation outlines the concepts of capacity building, evaluates the strengths and limitations of current methods of measuring capacity and provides a design for a capacity measuring approach to M & E.

"The purpose of this guide is to assist health planners and evaluators to:

  • gain a clear understanding of the concepts of capacity and capacity building
  • critically evaluate the strengths and limitations of current approaches to capacity measurement
  • design a capacity-building M&E plan that outlines a systematic approach to measuring capacity and assessing the results of capacity-building interventions in the health sector" (LaFond & Brown, 2003)



  • Concepts, Definitions, and Attributes of Capacity and Capacity Building
  • Understanding the Role of Capacity in the Health Sector: Introducing a Conceptual Framework
  • Monitoring and Evaluating Capacity-Building Interventions
  • Summary Checklist: Steps for Designing a Capacity-Building M&E Plan Checklist: Steps in Designing a Capacity-Building M&E Plan


Specific Options Mentioned


  • Conceptual Frameworks – p. 15-17, 32
  • Capacity Mapping – p. 32-41
  • Extensive Table of tools with links – p. 61-64:



LaFond, A., & Brown, L. Carolina Population Center, (2003). A guide to monitoring and evaluation of capacity-building interventions in the health sector in developing countries (MEASURE Evaluation Manual Series, No. 7.). Retrieved from University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill website:

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