Return on Investment: The Long term Impact of Building Healthcare Capacity in Africa

This report from Accordia Global Health Foundation outlines five approaches to long-term capacity development and systems strengthening which are viewed through the lens of long-term impact evaluation.

"The viewpoints presented in this report discuss some of the opportunities and the early work being done to move from process measures to impact measures in key areas of building long-term research and institutional capacity in African health systems, including leadership development, health services delivery training, and bridging the transition from research to improvements in policy and practice. If we approach our work with a long-term lens, and then evaluate the impact and cost-effectiveness of our investments with the same lens, perhaps we can begin to solve problems more systematically and sustainably, as opposed to merely chasing goals." ("Return on investment," 2010)


  • Measuring the Impact of Developing Africa’s Leaders
  • Building a Stronger Case: Capacity Building for Health
  • Capturing the Long-Term Impacts of Research and Capacity Building
  • Institutional Development for Africa—Toward Greater Accountability for Results
  • Assessing the Contribution of Research to Enhance Its Impact

Specific Options Mentioned

  • EvaluLEAD Framework – p. 19-20
  • Leading and Managing for Results Model – p. 20
  • Development Dimensions International Approach – p. 20
  • Surveillance System – p. 26-27
  • IDCAP Classroom Case Scenarios – p. 29-30
  • IDCAP Clinical Assessment Tools – p. 30
  • Fogarty Evaluation Framework – p. 37
  • THEnet Collaborative – p. 48-49
  • The Embedded Process Framework – p. 54-55


Accordia Global Health Foundation, (2010). Return on investment the long-term impact of building healthcare capacity in africa. Retrieved from Accordia Global Health Foundation website: Summit Rpt 2010 Cvr&Inside.OTP BLUELINE.pdf

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